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The system

plug connection of modlife® shelving systemmodlife® brightens up your home and makes it a more enjoyable place to live. The modular shelving system is simply plugged together, without any need for screws or tools. This makes it easy to assemble in as many different ways as you choose or to extend.
A tidy home at last.

  • setup in four easy steps

  • the modular setup allows miscellaneous scope for design

  • 16 versions available
    (vier color and size variants respectively)

modlife® modular shelving system setup in four easy steps

The versatile extension options

modlife® is as colourful and multifaceted as life itself. Wherever it is placed, it can be put together in a variety of different ways. In the kitchen, for example, it can provide useful storage space for kitchen tools, crockery and cook books. Yet the same set of shelves can be turned into a table in the living room. There is no end to the amazing ways of using this modern, innovative shelving system.

modlife® shelving system extension options